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Will I meet the three black dudes for my party here in November?

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  1. Lauren

    Lauren New Member


    I am Lauren; funny, sexy and really seeking excitement. So what am I looking for? Two or maybe three well hung and very cool black guys for a party here at my place in November. Before anything happens we meet at a place of my choosing so I can check everything. I am picky - so i hope you don't mind and get upset.

    So who? The guys I would like o meet are between the ages of 18 and 22 or maybe one older and the rest younger in that age range. They must be fit, healthy and discreet. No pictures and no camming.

    The rest is up to you


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  2. bayareabbc

    bayareabbc New Member

    Hey you, 27 year young BBC. I'm in the Eastbay.
  3. Ivory Hunter

    Ivory Hunter Member

    Im near Susanville.
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