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Kind & Caring UK Cuck Wannabe

Mid-40s, attractive and well-educated white male seeking a long-term cuckold/hotwife relationship with a white female who likes big black men. I'm heterosexual but overwhelmingly attracted to white females who have a fetish for big black men and want to share this part of me with a lady who would like a loving and supportive white cuck while simultaneously being free to have sexual relations with black men.
This very telling how few people have responded to this post. You might want to try talking more about how supportive you'll be and what a good husband you would make. And try nit to sound pathetic.
People have responded, though to me personally.
Can see you're a bit of a charmer don! Loved your phrase "And try NIT to sound pathetic." You witty warm-hearted hound! Was that your attempt at humour or have you SHOT yourself in the foot? Or knowing your ability with I's and O's SHIT yourself on the foot!
Hi andrewbbc12. Loving the theme of this website and conversing with a few of its members. Still looking for that special lady though. Are you having any luck finding any white women? There's a lot more on this website after black men than white cucks like me - but there's one or two interested in both.