ISO one lucky white girl for long term black subservience

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    Just recently found this website. So happy I did.

    Just going to say that being a submissive, bisexual white boy that is VERY attracted to dominate black men, it would make my life complete to find a cute white girl that feels the same. A woman who I could have a healthy loving relationship with who also feels that black men are always going to be superior to white guys in every way. It's just nature. Spending my life with someone I love, watching her have as many black babies as possible is my true calling. I truly believe that every white girl alive should only be taking black seed.

    That being said, I am healthy, decently attractive, impressive career, have an awesome personality, and of course have the need to be black owned.

    If you're white, female, can relate and would love the idea of having a white boy take care of all your needs through life, while also being able to be black bred regularly, contact me. Be ready to fully submit to and embrace the idea of being completely black owned. Plan to be a stay at home mom, and pretty much constantly pregnant. I want 4-5 black children to raise. I really plan to find this girl, relocate her to me, and find a few live in studs to get the breeding going regularly. Of course I will have my own black **** living at home as well :)

    Contact me if you're serious about living this lifestyle, and I'll tell you a lot more about myself and my desires. Message me here or email me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.