India Calling

Cuckolds & Ladies Travelling to India / in India can contact me if you need a Gentleman for your lovely wifes or yourself for some good-time !

I'm a Young 24 Years Indian-Black Guy-pursuing Post-Grad from a reputed college !
Indian Couples are also most welcome-if they are bold enough !

p.s- I'm a Gentleman who knows when not to be Gentle ! ;)
Wife loves Indian gentlemen and we usually visit Mumbai or Bangalore. Would like to know about the "not gentle" part - sounds interesting. She loves your picture, seems bigger than most Indian men.
Joe,visiting Mumbai or Bangalore is not a problem for me & visiting the Northern part of India won't be also a bad idea if you guys have not been to this part !
as far as the "not gentle" part of me is considered-it won't be just limited to her but you also Joe-for an average Joe I can be a Humiliating Dominant Bull so choose wisely.
Inbox me-if interested.