Impregnating Lauren

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    Impregnating Lauren

    The leaves were beginning to fall last year, and the rush was already on at work to increase productivity for year-end reviews. It was the additional stress that "broke" the proverbial "camel's back". Lauren and I had just moved to the Boston area from our
    hometown in the Midwest. The cost of living in Boston was much higher than we had expected and money was tight, especially with the school loans coming due.

    Lauren and I had been married for a couple years, and we were trying to start a family. For some reason, however, we were having trouble conceiving. I knew that it couldn't be Lauren.

    I never thought I would ever bemoan the opportunity to fuck Lauren silly. But with all of the travails of city life in Boston coupled with the increasing pressure to perform during her "ovulation phase," I found myself viewing sex as yet another chore on my day-timer for which there was never enough time.

    Indeed, after nine unsuccessful months of trying, Lauren was convinced that we should go to a fertility clinic to get "checked out" if something didn't happen this month. Great, just what I needed: more bills that wouldn't be covered by our insurance.

    Perhaps out of subconscious avoidance, I didn't notice the "star" notation in my day-timer that fateful Friday. Even worse, the computer went down in my department and I had a report due for the "big boss."

    So, I found myself working well past 9:30 PM before I knew it. I dragged my frayed nerves back home and walked in the door at about five after ten.

    When I opened the door I knew I was in trouble. Lauren was sitting at the dining room table with her arms folded across her chest. She was wearing a skimpy, black teddy. There were candles flickering as they had almost burned down to the candleholder. An empty bottle of Chardonnay was turned upside down in the ice bucket.

    "Holy, shit!" It all of a sudden hit me; it was a "star" (ovulation) night. Lauren had gone out of her way to make a romantic meal as a prelude to our inter- course. I guess it was all of the stresses taking their toll, but instead of being contrite and begging forgiveness, I wanted Lauren to feel sorry for my lousy day and me.

    Well, Lauren would have none of it. She blew up. I blew up. It was the worst fight of our marriage. Looking back on it now, I guess the bottle of wine Lauren had downed and my stressed out mood didn't help matters. Amazingly, I can't really remember what we said (or yelled) back and forth. All I recall is that after about fifteen minutes of screaming at one another, Lauren went into the bedroom and put on a short, tight dress and high heels and headed toward the door. As she got to the door, I do remember one particularly clever bit of repartee': She said "Fuck you!"

    I replied "No, Fuck you!"

    Then, Lauren retorted: "Maybe, but it sure as Hell won't be with you!" The door slammed in my face and I think I kept yelling at Lauren for a good ten minutes after she left. Man, I was mad.

    I certainly wasn't going to let her find me waiting for her dutifully in bed when she got home, so I went out into the den with a six pack of beer and watched the end of a baseball game on TV.

    When I awoke, there was some infomercial on the tube.
    I reached for another beer, but only found empties.
    Not being particularly interested in buying a new home
    exercise contraption, I clicked off the television,
    leaving me in darkness except for the illumination of
    my wristwatch, which read 3:24 AM. Just as I was about
    to stumble back to the bedroom I heard a key in the
    front door lock.

    Lauren swayed in, obviously three sheets to the wind.
    She steadied herself against the back of our sofa and
    turned back to the door. "Mike, thanks for seeing me
    home. Why don't you come in and I'll wake-up my
    asshole husband and we'll have a nightcap."

    In walked Mike, an acquaintance of mine from the city
    softball league. Mike was our clean-up hitter. He's a
    big guy, probably 6' 3" and 210 lbs. He and I had not
    been close friends during the season, but he seemed
    like a decent enough guy. He was nice to bring Lauren
    home given her very inebriated state.

    Lauren started to walk toward the bedroom, but her
    equilibrium was also three sheets to the wind and she
    almost fell over. Mike caught her under the armpits
    with his large hands reaching around and cupping her
    big breasts.

    She thanked Mike again for his help and proceeded to
    kick off her heels so as to regain her balance. All
    the while, Mike stood there with his hands full of
    Lauren's tits. Lauren moved away and went into the
    bedroom, this time without falling over.

    "Mark...Mark, get your sorry ass out of bed...its
    party time!" I suppose I could have just come out of
    the den at that point, but I was still angry and now
    I was a bit drunk too. After a moment, Lauren came
    out of the bedroom and said, "That dick-head's out
    somewhere partying on his own. Well, to Hell with him,
    we can still have a nightcap!"

    Lauren went into the kitchen and brought out a couple
    of beers, handed one to Mike and proceeded to chug
    hers down. When she finished I saw her close her eyes
    almost as if she was going to pass out. Mike reached
    over and again steadied her by grasping her breasts.

    Lauren began to slur another thank you when Mike
    started to kiss her. On the one hand, I was jealous,
    but on the other hand I was a lot stubborn. I resolved
    to myself to let Lauren get herself out of the mess
    she was getting into.

    I suppose that it was the alcohol, but Lauren didn't
    pull away. Instead, she began to kiss him back. Their
    tongues were battling one another, then Mike began to
    knead Lauren's breasts. Almost immediately, her
    nipples became erect and were visible through her
    dress. She hadn't put on a bra when she left during
    our argument so there was only the thin material of
    her dress between her and Mike's probing fingers.

    Lauren was beginning to breathe harder as they con-
    tinued their passionate kiss. Mike adroitly was
    unzipping the back of Lauren's dress. Again, common-
    sense would have brought any normal husband barreling
    in to put an end to his moves. But, the beer and my
    bruised male ego prevented any common sense from sur-
    facing at that crucial moment.

    In one motion, Mike brought Lauren's dress down over
    her lowered arms with gravity taking it the remaining
    distance to the floor. Lauren broke her french kiss
    and opened her eyes.

    Those crystal blues were glassy and disoriented.
    Lauren shallow breathing seemed to strain as she
    appeared to summon enough will power to fend off any
    further advances. Yet, before Lauren's lips could
    form the word "no", Mike reached one large hand
    between Lauren's long legs, and began massaging the
    growing wet spot at the crotch of her panties.

    Lauren's body writhed impulsively as Mike manipulated
    her genitals through the sopping silk material. In
    what must have been a practiced maneuver to prevent
    negative responses, Mike pressed his lips back against
    Lauren's, which passively parted and accepted his
    probing tongue.

    Nimbly, Mike's massive fingers unsnapped the pulled
    Lauren's underwear down her lovely legs revealing her
    blond pubic hair. Lauren immediately began to squirm
    in an effort to break away, but Mike slipped his right
    index finger into her vagina and started rubbing her
    clitoris with his oversized thumb.

    As I stood in the shadows of the den, I realized that
    I had painted myself into a corner. If I emerged to
    intervene, how could I explain why I had waited? More
    confusing was my engorged penis straining to burst out
    of my underwear. I quickly concluded that I had to
    rely on Lauren to extricate herself from her develop-
    ing dilemma.

    Lauren seemed to be resisting Mike's onslaught, but
    Mike had found her Achilles' Heel: her clit. As he
    increased the speed and pressure on Lauren's love
    button, she capitulated somewhat and spread her legs
    wider to permit him greater access. Mike sensed his
    success and slid a second finger into Lauren's pussy.

    Maybe she didn't immediately recognize the signifi-
    cance of Mike's second finger, but any high school
    male would know that he was trying to loosen her up
    so he could quickly shove in his dick in before she
    knew what was happening. Realizing that Mike was
    unaware that Lauren was off the pill and ovulating,
    my anxiety heightened.

    As Mike finger-fucked my wife, Lauren's lubricating
    juices flowed down the inside of her bare thighs and
    drenched his pistoning hand. Her cunt began to make
    slurping sounds, then I noticed Mike using his left
    hand to lower his zipper. Lauren saw him fumbling to
    free his cock, too.

    Just as he seemed to get it out of his pants, Lauren
    looked down, her eyes grew wide and her body convulsed
    in what looked like an incredible orgasm.

    Rather than cheating Lauren out of her pleasure, Mike
    delayed his prior plan and worked her pussy and
    clitoris like a musical instrument. Time and time
    again, Lauren's breasts and stomach heaved and her
    pelvis bucked with orgasm after orgasm. When she
    plateaued, albeit a high plateau, she smiled at Mike
    and said "let me return the favor."

    As Lauren dropped to her knees and pulled down Mike's
    pants and boxers in preparation for a blowjob, I
    thought: "Thank God! Now that she's come, she's only
    going to suck him off."

    In willing agreement, Mike shifted his position to
    make it easier for Lauren to suck on him. It was then
    that I saw his cock for the first time.

    I now appreciated why Lauren's eyes had bulged. Mike's
    cock was mammoth; in length it must be an honest 10 or
    maybe even 11 inches and in girth it appeared wider
    than Lauren's wrist. When she tried to grasp his
    engorged member, her fingers couldn't quite encircle
    that massive rod. It was so heavy with infused blood
    that Mike's dick could only point out at about a 45
    degree angle. Yet, the most prominent feature was
    Mike's massive bulbous head, which was even larger
    than the remainder of his cock, and it was uncir-
    cumcised. An unusual site, especially for Lauren,
    since I was cut, and mine was the only cock she'd seen
    until tonight.

    Lauren was obviously enthralled by Mike's penis.
    Mike's 10+-inch monster was far more difficult to
    handle than my regular sized pecker. Lauren must have
    realized that there was no way she could get more than
    a few inches in her mouth.

    She began kissing and licking Mike's dick in an
    uncharacteristically slutty manner. But, length wasn't
    the real problem; it was girth. Lauren opened her jaw
    as wide as possible, but she was only able to accept
    the head of Mike's cock, and then only barely without
    running the risk of nicking him with her teeth.

    Lauren continued undaunted and began to fondle his
    testicles in hopes of bringing him off. Mike's balls
    matched his cock in dimensions. They were more than
    a handful and ripe as grapefruit.

    After about ten minutes of straining to wrap her lips
    around Mike's prodigious organ, Lauren's jaw grew
    tired. She looked up dejectedly, having failed to
    reciprocate. Then, with apprehension apparent in her
    voice, Lauren said, "If you want, I guess you can fuck
    me ... but you'll have to pull out before you come."

    The words rang in my ears. It was one thing to
    acknowledge that your wife was about to have sex with
    another, better hung man. It was quite another for her
    to do it unprotected, at the peak of her fertility

    Mike guided her back to her feet and swept her up into
    his arms. With his cock swaying back and forth, he
    walked over to our living room sofa and laid Lauren
    down on her back.

    From my vantagepoint, I could see her cunt clearly. It
    was sopping and her labia were swollen and red from
    the finger fuck. Mike wasted no time in positioning
    himself between my wife's splayed legs. His plump
    testicles obstructed the sight of his cock as it eased
    itself into Lauren's fertile pussy. Mike took it quite
    slowly, until he was completely imbedded and his balls
    rested on the couch between Lauren's legs.

    As he withdrew and began to pump it back in, Lauren
    started to breathe rapidly, but in a shallow fashion.
    This response caused Mike to quicken his pace. Lauren
    sounded as if she were hyperventilating, although her
    gasps were interspersed with the sloshing sound coming
    from her pussy as Mike pistoned away.

    To my amazement, Mike balls seemed to expand even
    larger as he pounded his dick against my wife's cervix.
    His breathing also increased as did his vigorous
    grinding into Lauren's cunt. She was all but oblivious
    now, and I realized that she had tilted her pelvis up
    to maximize Mike's already deep penetration. She was
    also bucking back to meet his thrusts.

    Concern grew inside me as Mike neared his climax. It
    was already far too risky to have allowed him entry
    into Lauren's receptive vagina without a condom, but
    the thought of him shooting his load near the entrance
    of her fertile womb was too much. It was time for Mike
    to pull out! Just then Mike grunted, "I'm about to

    He started to slide his cock out of Lauren's stretched
    pussy, but then Lauren wrapped her legs around his
    waist and forcefully pulled him back until she was
    again fully impaled. The sudden motion must have been
    too much for Mike. He grunted deeply, his whole body
    tensed and his buttocks clenched as he ejaculated. I
    saw Lauren's hand reach around and begin to knead his
    over-inflated scrotum.

    To my despair, Mike continued to grunt with smaller
    thrusts. As he thrust, Lauren's fingers deftly stroked
    and squeezed as Mike's testicles slowly deflated. After
    about a minute, Mike's balls were a wrinkled and normal

    He seemed to regain his composure and looked at his
    watch. Perhaps fearing that I would walk in at any
    moment, Mike abruptly stood up - his softening member
    slurping out of Lauren's distended cunt. He hiked up
    his pants (through it all, Mike had never removed his
    trousers) and fastened his belt. He leaned over to
    peck Lauren on the cheek, but she was on another plane.
    Realizing this, and maybe concerned that he had taken
    advantage of an inebriated woman, Mike slipped out the
    front door without saying a word.

    I stood paralyzed in the darkness of the den. From my
    vantagepoint, I looked directly between Lauren's
    spread legs, in fact one was now slung over the back
    of the sofa. Simultaneously, the sight was arousing
    and terrifying.

    Lauren's blond pubic hair was matted, but it was
    dwarfed by the gaping opening, which had once been her
    tight pussy. On either side was a swollen, bright red
    flap of skin that was recognizable as Lauren's labia

    And oozing out of her vagina were streams of viscous
    milky fluids. My mind was racing and all my thoughts
    were jumbled. Initially, I suppose I thought that
    Lauren would come too and clean herself out, maybe
    even douche. But, she just lay there, her eyes shut
    and her breasts gently heaving in the aftermath of God
    knows how many orgasms.

    Well, if she wasn't going to do something, I had to,
    I thought. I emerged from the shadows looking around
    for something to use to clean out Lauren's sodden
    channel to her womb. Of course, there was nothing in
    the living room.

    Instinctively... desperately, I kneeled between
    Lauren's thighs. The aroma was actually neutral, which
    I didn't expect. I extended my index finger in an
    effort to extract Mike's semen. Lauren twitched
    slightly when I made contact with her genitals. While
    the dripping fluids were quite sticky, trying to
    capture it with my fingers was like trying to hold

    I realized at that moment that the whole experience
    had turned me on incredibly, watching another man fuck
    my wife, I also felt frustrated, and knew that there
    was only one other choice. I closed my eyes and my
    face contorted as I leaned forward and brought my
    tongue to the opaque flow seeping from Lauren's body.

    The taste was neutral, but sort of sweet tasting.
    Initially, I recoiled, but I forced myself to take a
    deeper lick. Slowly, I became accustomed to the taste.
    I swirled my tongue trying to coax every drop of
    Mike's sperm out of Lauren's cunt. As I did, I heard
    her begin to moan quietly. She gyrated her hips bring-
    ing her pubis closer to my mouth.

    When my tongue could go no deeper into the overly
    enlarged cavern of her stretched vagina, I resorted to
    sucking and slurping the sticky goo out. The noises I
    was making (and, for that matter, the noises that were
    coming from Lauren's pussy) were quite loud, but I was
    on a mission and ignored the sounds. When I came up
    for a brief breath, I saw that Lauren's eyes were open
    and watching me. There was a smirk on her face.

    She grasped the back of my head and guided my mouth
    back to its job. After a good twenty minutes of lick-
    ing, slurping and sucking every reachable remnant of
    Mike's seed from Lauren's vagina, I lifted my face out
    of my wife's cunt. My face was a sticky mess. I am
    sure I had semen everywhere... up my nose... on my
    eyebrows... even in my hair. It was then that I
    noticed that I had one hell on an erection. I figured
    that it was only appropriate that I place my semen in
    the very place that I had cleansed of the invading

    There was absolutely no resistance as I climbed up
    Lauren's body and mounted her. In fact, there was
    virtually no friction once I slipped my cock to her.
    Thrust as I might, I couldn't feel my dick touch
    anything at the end of Lauren's vagina.

    Mike's onslaught had driven Lauren's cervix deep
    within. Within about a couple of dozen strokes, I
    felt Lauren's fingers on my balls. Instantaneously,
    I remembered the way she had squeezed every last
    drop of sperm from Mike's testicles, and I exploded!

    When I withdrew, my penis shrinking to prepubescent
    size, I looked down. I couldn't see any fluids oozing
    forth as had Mike's. Just as well, I thought, my
    sperm is puddled on Lauren's inviting cervix at this
    very moment, making its way into the womb in search
    of her ripe egg.


    The next morning the fight from the night before was
    forgotten. Lauren and I found ourselves fucking all
    weekend long. There was a tinge of guilt in my mind,
    however. Each time I found myself thinking of the
    image of Mike's plump, oversized balls emptying their
    contents into my wife's snatch. The vision seemed to
    instantaneously trigger my climax. When I came, I
    always caught Lauren looking at me with that smirk
    turning up the corners of her mouth. It was as if she
    knew what I was thinking at the moment of orgasm.

    Irrationally, I felt that Lauren could read my mind
    and I felt a little bit humiliated as I withdrew my
    shrinking dick from her vagina.


    A couple of weeks passed and things appeared to return
    to normal. Work was crazy as always and the incident
    with Mike stayed unspoken, and hopefully, forgotten.
    Then, one Thursday afternoon, I got a call from Lauren
    at the office.

    "Honey, I hope I'm not interrupting you..." Lauren

    "No, Hon, just reworking the fourth draft of the year-
    end budget performance analysis. What's up?"

    "He's dead!" she replied.

    There was silence on the line as I tried to figure out
    what the Hell Lauren was talking about.

    Finally, I bit. "Who's dead, Lauren?"

    "The rabbit."

    Densely, I said: "What rabbit? We don't have any

    "THE rabbit, dimwit" Lauren explained. "I just tried
    my second home pregnancy testing kit and it shows that
    we're going to be parents!" With that, the excitement
    burst through in her voice.

    At last! One huge load was lifted from my shoulders!
    Lauren and I talked for about five minutes before my
    boss interrupted us. As I hung up, we agreed to
    celebrate at dinner. Although we couldn't afford a
    nice dinner out, I promised to bring home a bottle of

    On the way home, I must admit that I was on cloud
    nine. This was the best news that I had had in some
    time. Maybe my luck was changing.

    When I got home with the champagne, I found that
    Lauren was out. No matter, I thought. To be especially
    nice, I started dinner. It also gave me a chance to
    chill the bubbly.

    Lauren came through the front door about 20 minutes
    later. She looked radiant. Her cheeks were rosy and
    there was a discernable glow about her. Pregnancy was
    definitely agreeing with her. We met midway between
    the kitchen and the living room and embraced.

    "Sorry, I was running a little late. I ran into to
    Mike at the supermarket and told him our great news.
    He was so excited for us that we ended up celebrat-
    ing... And... well... I guess I celebrated a little
    much... and I kinda need to ask for a favor."

    With that Lauren lifted the hem of her short dress
    until it was above her pubic area. She wasn't wearing
    any panties. Then as I looked closer, I saw the image
    that had been recurring in my daydreams. Lauren's
    labia were pink, swollen and distended. Her pussy was
    gaping open with milky fluids everywhere. It was just
    the same as after Mike had fucked her two weeks

    Precariously dangling from her stretched vaginal
    channel was a huge glob of semen seemingly on the
    verge of plummeting from its own weight to the ground.
    After Lauren discerned that I had fully taken in the
    sight of her recently fucked cunt, she caught my eye
    and coyly said: "Hon, would you do me that favor that
    you did last time?"

    I stuttered, "But Lauren, you're pregnant now...
    there's no need to clean out his cum."

    Lauren rolled her head from side to side as a baby
    might when asking for a present. "I know ... but it
    really made my sore pussy feel good last time...and,
    if you wouldn't really mind, I would kinda like to
    continue to fuck Mike from time to time... and, I was
    thinking that after I have the baby, I don't want to
    go back on the pill because I want more kids ... so,
    it might be good practice for you so you'll be able
    to get out all of his sperm when I'm not pregnant.
    After all you don't really seem to mind, do you."

    There was silence. Lauren looked at me, knowingly
    biting her lower lip in a seductive fashion. My reply
    came when I dropped to my knees and caught the dangling
    globule of semen on my tongue, as she looked down at


    I must admit that I've grown accustomed to the taste
    of Mike's come. During Lauren's pregnancy, she would
    meet Mike a couple of times a month and come home for
    cleaning. I became rather adept snaking my tongue at
    the deeper recesses of her vagina (which have become
    even deeper because of Mike).

    In fact, in one position, where Lauren spreads her
    legs and pulls them back over her shoulders, I can
    even reach her cervix with my swabbing tongue. I feel
    a lot better now than I did that first night about my
    ability to extract Mike's sperm from her vagina.
    Nevertheless, I still felt somewhat jealous and
    humiliated by this whole routine. Towards the seventh
    month of Lauren's pregnancy, I suggested that she
    curtail her dalliances with Mike. She politely refused.

    "Honey, I'm about to have my first baby. Childbirth
    can be extremely painful, especially the first time.
    I figure that it'll hurt a lot less if I am stretched
    out down there as much as possible before hand. As
    you've probably noticed, Mike's cock can really do
    some stretching!"

    So, instead of fewer encounters, Lauren started to see
    Mike almost every day. She even began to bring him
    home while I was there, "to do my Lamaze homework" as
    she called it. Of course, when Mike left our bedroom,
    I'd go in and lap up the remnants. Finally, after the
    eighth month, the doctor told Lauren that she should
    abstain until birth to avoid a premature delivery.


    Well, that was five months ago, and we are now the
    proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. She looks just
    like Lauren. In the months since our baby's arrival,
    things have been wonderful. We can't wait to have
    another little blessing.

    Lauren has worked diligently at regaining her figure.
    She now fits into the same clothes as before her
    pregnancy. This morning as I came out of the shower,
    I caught her in the buff inspecting herself in front
    of the mirror. She turned at all various angles, as
    women are wont to do when sizing up their appearance.
    It was amazing: not a single stretch mark on her body
    from the pregnancy. She must have been made of rubber!
    But one nice side effect was that her breasts were at
    least one cup size larger, up to a full EE-cup now.

    When she noticed me watching her, Lauren smiled and
    said: "not too bad for a recent Mommy, wouldn't you

    "Lauren" I replied, "if I take off this towel I think
    you'll see my body's answer to that question.

    "Thanks, but you better keep the towel on or you'll
    be late for work. Besides you may get a chance later
    tonight to show me what's under that towel!"

    "Ummm, great thought Honey." I said as I rubbed my
    hands up and down her taut abdomen.

    "Oh, by the way Hon, can you watch Lisa for a while
    after work? I've got to run out for awhile ..."

    "Sure, no problem. I'll be hard and ready when you get

    "I bet you will, lover. But, you better limber up that
    great tongue of yours. I've got an urge to visit Mike.
    Of course, I'm not exactly certain, but I think I
    might be ovulating today. So, you'll need to be extra

    Lauren stared at me in the mirror. She hadn't been
    with Mike since she was eight months pregnant with
    Lisa. I thought she might have outgrown her desire
    for him.

    Of course, I now realize that she wanted to get her
    figure back before seeing him again. There was no
    mistaking the tingling anxiety pulsing through my
    body. Except for that first unplanned encounter, my
    efforts at removing Mike's sperm from Lauren's cunt
    had not really mattered. Now, everything was again
    on the line. I'm sure Lauren could feel my hard-on
    pressing against her through my towel when I suggested
    "Why not just have Mike use a condom".

    She turned around and purposely looked down at the
    protrusion in the front of my towel and replied: "Oh,
    I thought of that. Unfortunately, Mike is allergic to
    latex, so he can't. So, it's either go back on the
    Pill or rely on your tongue. Since we are probably
    going to start working on a brother for Lisa pretty
    soon, the Pill's out of the question. So, it looks
    like your tongue will just have to do the job. Don't
    you agree?"

    My silence signaled my response.

    "I thought you'd see it my way." Lauren replied as she
    patted my erection through the towel.


    So, here I am. I just put Lisa down in her crib and
    I'm waiting for Lauren to come home with her pussy
    full of Mike's cum. I'm pretty confident that I can
    intercept his sperm before they make their way up
    inside Lauren's uterus. But, I'm a little bit worried
    about the delay between the time that Mike actually
    shoots his load at the mouth of Lauren's cervix and
    the time that it takes for her to get home.

    I should really put my foot down about this whole
    business, but I do look forward to our sex after
    Lauren comes home from on of her sessions with Mike.
    I just worry about who is really Lisa's father, and
    who it will be who gets her pregnant the next time.
    Oh well...
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