Husband's Goals

After my LT lover ate me out and made love to me, I told my husband I wanted him to go down on me more often. So, he went down on me. Afterward my husband told me, "I may not be as good as Ray is, but I'll get there." I responded saying, "No, honey. You won't. He has a natural talent like Craig and Todd do."

My husband wants to be as good, sexually, as my lovers are but, it's never going to happen. I hear people say that if a man has a small penis that he should hone his oral talents. Well, my husband is 3.75" when he is totally erect. He can never satisfy me the way other men do, with his penis. It's just never going to happen.

Orally, my husband is okay at best. As he was trying to orally please me, all I could think about was Ray and Craig and Todd. I appreciate my husband trying, but it wasn't that great.

I know that many husbands want to be like other men are, but sometimes you have to accept that other men are just better.


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Its nice your husbands still trying to please you and try and keep up with your lovers. My hubby knew years ago that hes not the best in the bed department, even my previous white boyfriends were better to be honest, but ive never deliberately made him feel bad about it. I married him as I love him and knew his faults. So even now we have sex, its not as good as BBC but I still try to make him feel hes done a good job.
Since he is gay, why should he even care about pleasing you? And why should you even care if he tries?
Things didn't go well with my husband and Amy's husband. Now my husband is trying to "be the man I want him to be." I love my husband. I know he is confused, but I also know that he wants me to feel loved by him. When me and my husband have intercourse he wears a Black strap-on because it really excites him and he says that, "It makes me feel more of a man for you."

My husband has always struggled to feel like a man, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make him feel like one. He doesn't please me sexually, but with the help of toys, he gets close.


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It is so tough when you know your wife is getting a bigger dick and no matter what you do you cannot reach that part and after awhile your wife may have sex but it isnt pleasing her anymore and it shows. You may not be gay but still imagine how a bigger cock looks fucking your wife.