How to get started with bbc

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  1. juli-anna

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    So me and my husband have spoken about how we should start with my being physical with some bbc. We have decided that it's going to start with drinks to give me the courage to do what my husband tells me then we was thinking about going to a club and him watching me dance with some black guys and me working ny move and get him hard as he watches and even feel them up so I can gage size.
    For a beginner is this a good start? Thoughts please.
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  2. Sirgodiva

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    Drinks and dancing are always a good way to break the ice. Of course flirting and grabbing will get you exactly what your looking for. I'm sure you will have no problem finding what your looking for. I would suggest being very selective for your first experience. In fact, let your husband select for you. Happy hunting.
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    No, the husband should not be the selector, then he feels like he has some power in the situation. She needs to go on the dance floor and let hubby watch nature takes its course.
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