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How can I tell my GF about my fantasy?

You can tell her with "Caution"! Ha! Ha!

Well to be fair, it may be a bit of a journey to get her to really travel this road. I went through it with my wife so I can speak with some experience and a lot of success! It was an over-night success that took almost 7 years to get her to where I wanted her to go. It started like this.

After our first year or two of marriage, and most important, during a hot session of wild sex, I opened up and asked her if she ever thought of getting laid by a black guy! It didn't go over very well and I slept in the spare bedroom that night. A few weeks later, again during some love making, I made a comment about wanting to watch a big black cock going in and out her juicy wet white pussy! The change I made however was that I said this "PRIOR" to her having her first orgasm of the night! That made a big difference because she was still very horny and receptive tot almost anything! After I got into her I would say. "What would you do now if that was a big black one in your pussy!", plus several variations of that theme! So this became a pattern for several months! Eventually she came around and played around with my, to her anyway, fantasy! {Secretly I always wanted to witness the real thing for her!} Then one day we were at the beach and met this black friend who worked in the same office as I. We exchanged some friendlies, introduced him to my wife, and went our way. Later on after a swim and while laying on the beach we were chatting and I said to her. "Think you could handle what Kevin has between his legs! Around the office they say he's really well hung!" I was almost shocked, but delighted nonetheless when she replied, "Maybe! M-m-m-m!" At that point I thought it best leave the subject alone ... let the idea marinate in her mind so to speak! After that when we'd travel and we see a handsome black guy I would always say. "What about that guy! Think you could handle him!" Initially she scolded me ... a little ... but eventually played along with responses like, "No! He's too Tall!" "He's too short!" "He's too skinny!" et al! What came out of this was that "her type" became easily recognizable! Eventually she would comment on specific black guys, especially when we were vacationing or traveling. I travel a lot globally on business and she most often travels with me, so the opportunities were many! Then it happened, she got to have her first big black cock about 18 months ago! I won't go into detail as she and I have posted about it elsewhere on this site, but the short form of it is as follows.

We were attending a business convention in Las Vegas and met with an old university friend and room mate of mine, Edwin. We were attending a social get together the evening prior to the start of the convention. These are generally held so that everyone can reacquaint themselves with people, friends and business associates that they may have not seen since the last annual convention. Anyway, that's where I met Edwin again. Edwin had taken a position in Europe when we graduated. I stayed home so to speak, so losing contact with him was inevitable. Now, surprisingly, here we were attending the same convention! His presence was bought to my attention when some ladies in a group with whom we were sharing some drinks with noticed him and commented! (And how!) One of the many comments I heard was that "He looks exactly like a Black George Clooney!" If fact he does! When I said I knew him, every one there, ladies and men, including my wife, said. "Oh! Yeah! Sure!" Anyway, it was at this point that Edwin noticed me and, as they say, the rest is history! It was a well known fact at university that Edwin was extremely well endowed, a story which I shared with my wife that night. The next evening Edwin got balls deep into my wife and they had a super time over the next several days screwing their brains out! It was awesome to watch! Much more than I could ever have had fantasized about!

So take your time, pick your moments, never despair, be consistently persistent and encourage her to share! I would be delinquent if I didn't add, a few Interracial movies, books, magazines and internet sites on the subject should not be overlooked either!
I suggest buying some IR porn and see if she is interested in watching them with you and if by chance she ends up watching them with you, make little comments along the way like, that is so sexy or he is filling her pussy full. Just start out slowly.
Tell her everything , if its a real relationship , she will understand [ might not agree ]just remember that if you dont communicate then ' she will never know , just tell the sweet lady.....