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Hook up discussion

How far are you willing to go for great sex?

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Real Person
Just wanted to start this so that we can all post where we are at and what we are looking for, this way we can all find that white woman or that BBC we are searching for.

I'm in the South Florida area looking for a hot sexy white woman that has a vivid sexual imagination and wants to get down and dirty with a BBC for some discrete fun.

Ok now I hope we can all take it from here and find that other person you want to have fun with.
We usually wont travel that far. Its just hard for us with the jobs and kiddos. Now the wife does travel back to Cali several times a year because she has family back there. It just so happens she also has a bunch of BBC out there as well. So she gets to visit family..and have fun. Even more so now that she has gotten a couple of her sisters into BBC, they all go out hunting together.