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Hey, looking for you!

Call me chocolatecock - I am looking for any kind of contact as long it involves alot of sex, fun and respect! It doesnt need to be serious to be good but the combination of both can be GREAT! I am attracted to older women. The wety taste of a well fucked pussy of a horny women full of maturity and experience really turns me on! Mature women just wants to fuck and I like to be the one to feed their needs. Seriously, I like when they ask to be fucked and the good thing is that they want it all the time! I am very open minded and when ot comes to sex I can be the most dirtiest guy you ever opened your legs for. Thats just how I am: I love to taste a woman for real and I am not always gentle when I am about to eat it. :mstickle: I love discretion and people who can be responsible for their own actions! For me, hygiene is the rule nr. 1 for a quality time full of pleasure without regrets! Feeling lonely, and cold? Need some company or a chocolatetoy? Want to invite me to your hotel room or at your appartment? Want to go out for dinner? Or... want get fucked?! Contact me at: Sam.sam27 at yahoo dot com :blackheart: