HEY IM NEW HERE...first pic

im pretty sure thats my gf right there bc i took that pic with my phone about 2 years ago in my room...along with mnay others
Don't worry about Virgin ia knight. They are haters. If you look at all their posts, they are trying to call everyone fakes and that is it. They/he needs a life. Just jealous others have what they can't buy.
"Alisha" here is my verified website: http://xhamster.com/user/blackluver
Complete with pics of hubby and I.
Also find me on Twitter @KnightMilf
And as well I'm on Clips4sale http://www.clips4sale.com/store/52745
Ok Alisha lets see your VERIFIED websites with pics of you on it! Now watch her say something like "I have nothing to prove" lol all fakers will bail at this point!

Next your going to tell us all that the Internet is pure truth. How is pointing people to another website and saying that its you on that web site verification? Oh, and Twitter cant be faked right? Let me guess, your related to the Tuiasisopo family right?

On top of that, why would you bother to come onto this site, worried that you are about all us fakes, just so that you can go around and bash everyone. If its that big of a deal, why dont you just leave and find another site?
See they always change the subject when confronted! Its ok dude! Just thought for one second you might be real!!

Silly me!
I'll send you the link later for my live cam shows on xhamster and I'll hold up a card with your name on it! Will that do?

didn't think so.....buy guy
How did I change the subject? You just don't like the fact that I won't be bullied like you want me too. The only thing I changed was the fact that you don't have any more proof than anyone else.