Explaining myself.. Hmmmm? Goes my inner monologue.. I'm in a healthy loving relationship.. But for some reason I'm nuts about no strings attached exploration.. There is and will always be a myriad of women that I dint want to possess but would love to enjoy.. Something about the attraction between two people. Especially sexual! What I've figured out in my lifetime is... It's more than physical. It's animal and I love it! I haven't had the pleasure of meeting and enjoying a woman I was introduced to online. My line of work puts me in front of females in a regular basis the attraction they (believe) they have for me, in my opinion, is based on what I do.. And honestly that got boring for me years ago. Short and to the point... I love a beautiful woman and I want to experience as many as I can in this lifetime.. I'm healthy, smart, crazy sexual with the right woman, pleasure is a circle.. It's attained within moments (not in the 1,2,3 switch positions type thing).. I'd LOVE to meet a new sexy friend on here.. Wish I could explain myself in "x amount of words" or less but I cannot.. So I will just enjoy my visits here and eventually I will get to know some awesome women..