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Hello guys! !

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This two pics are a gift. ..we had sex with others only 3 times. .With black of course! ! The first time was great. ..He fuck her in every holes and in the end I let him cum in her mouth. ..The second one and third one I stopped because I got very jealous. ..I really don't know why! !! I think because the first one was a mature man and the other two young guys. ..One of them is on this site. ..I apologies to them. ..Also we did at our house. ..maybe if we do that at a motel will be different. ..anyway I am very jealous but love to share her with others and in the future try a gangbang....what you guys think about that? ? How i can feel comfortable and enjoy to share her with others without problems? ? And what you guys think about her? ? Thanks to all of you. ...last thing I would love to meet a very nice and respectful black guy with a cock 12 or more inch...so if exist please contact me! !!