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Hello from NZ

Hi All,
Asian girl here from New Zealand - i have only recently been introduced to the world of interracial and BBC and am loving it so far.
Im still very new to this and wanting to learn everything and anything in regards to the BBC world.
So far ive only been talking to a few people about BBC but hoping to expand my knowledge and perspective on it.
So far im willing to talk to anyone including BULLs from here about their experience with a BBC or how they feel about it.
So far im intrigued on the taboo part especially since my parents want me to date an asian or white guy only...
Im not really willing to give any other details about myself as i fear for someone to recognise my details of face... but somehow i must get more information... Once i have figured out what i exactly want this will change no doubt...
My current kinks are Big Black Cocks, bukkake and cum, black breeding, deepthroat and blowjobs, public, racial degradation and humiliation.
I am on Kik a lot as during school i tend to talk to my friends and family on there: KiK - aznbebe
I'm hoping for a warm welcome into the world of BBC and hope to stay...