Hello from Canada

That you would. Lots of cool people but also some fakes. Gay men pretending to be women or that they have wives that are interested, mostly good
I never understood the gay men pretending to be women. Tons of guys would love some male on male so no need to pretend, I'm sure a ton would even let them pretend and/or dress up. Ah well.

Thanks for the heads up. Only wish I could thank you personally or rather my wife could ;)
Well I grew up in Toronto, attended Oakwood high school then onto George brown Casa Loma campus. Yep hing around Eaton centre and moved to London England about 13 years ago, one Canadian to another lol
I know a tiny white dick is nothing compared to a nice BBC. Wish I could get my wife to experience one. I'd love the humiliation of her telling me to line up next to his and hear her say while almost laughing how small I am.
I jerk off thinking about stuff like that all the time. I cum hardest when I think of her humiliating me like that.

I'd love for her to make me suck a BBC and call me names before he fucked her then clean her pussy when he fills her with cum.