hello everyone

my name is Tom, im 29 white male and ive been married for a little over 3 years. i married a virgin and a good girl so i was her first in everything as far as sexually. I am around 3 inches hard and quickly she realized that im below avg in size. i feel bad about it and want to make her happy so i started looking into cuckolding. I know i havent been able to please her yet and she has hinted at seeing other people and having an open type relationship. i saw her internet history on the computer the other day and saw where she was looking at cuckold porn and mostly looking up big dicks and big black dicks seem to be what she looked at the most. I know she has always had a thing for black men but i guess i never really knew the depth of it.

anyways here are the pix of what i have to work with ,

d.jpg d2.jpg

id like to know anyones opinion on if id ever have a chance to please my wife with it, if there is any positions for people my size or if i should plain give up and find a role that will help please her the best. looking forward to chatting with everyone