Getting and staying hard....

So i haven't been with many BBC's, but that has always been my pick of porn (IR) and I see a lot of BBC's can't get or stay hard. Is this very common? I want a BBC but I don't want a limpy.... would appreciate feedback!


wow I had always wonder the same thing but felt silly asking. Thanks for doing so. I guess that makes a lot of sense.
zinc and drinking plenty of water seems to do the trick for my wifes bull and also increases sperm production. Size can affect it to a degree but most of it is in the mind and body


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#8 has to do with a couple of factors...and this applies to any, are they over weight or not...Testosterone levels within the body...Zinc levels in the body as well...and of course, there is the mental factor...where the mind leads, the body will ALWAYS follow! Now it's just like voyeurwhitemale stated, the bigger the dick, the more blood is needed...I remember a story of a black male porn star that had like a 22" bbc and every time he was fully erect, it looked like a big black every time he came, he would pass out for a few seconds due to the sudden blow flow from head to head;-) I hope you find a BBC to your liking beautiful, just make sure that who ever the lucky Bull you chose has been fully vetted!