German Cuckboy

Hello I'm a mid-20 white boy from Germany. I'm addicted to interracial porn, especially black on white and interracial cuckolding. Trust me, no matter what they say... it's every white bois dream to watch a pretty white girl having sex by a black man.

You may experienced that white bois mostly wont talk about black men. And they hate it, when women starts to talk about them.

But the truth is, they dream of it and wank there white dicks. Well.. WE dream of it.
I guess we have the inner feeling to make the sins of the past right. The centuries of oppression against the black race. And all the racist ideas what our societies minds. The more and more white males realize it and feel guilty. The social pressure became soft and I hope it's just a question of time that we see only black or mixed (only black men) couples out there.