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fake my baby mama please

could someone please fake my baby mama? it would be much appreciated.

weve known each other for a long time, as you can tell by the date in some of these pictures. and while we're no longer together it is my ultimate fantasy to see her with a superior dude, white or black.

she even told me when we first got together that she likes black guys. she said it was their looks in personality, and never admitted liking the bbc. i always wanted to see her with one but didnt know how to convince her to do it, and wasnt even sure i wanted it to actually happen. she came clean to me that she made out with a black dude during our relationship. i tried to get her to admit to fucking him but she kept insisting that all they did was make out. could be true but I highly doubt it.
any way, long story short, i REALLY wanna see it, and the only way its possible now is if its faked, id really appreciate it if someone could fake her fucking, sucking, getting jizzed on, ANYTHING fappable.

Ill include some pics, some are old and some are new. I even included some of me and her together. If you need better quality pics let me know and Ill grab some more. thanks a lot, i really appreciate your time and work!