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Hello!. We are a young, attractive, professional Couple from NYC. We have been together for a very long time considering our age (17 years) (married for 11). We actually became interested in this lifestyle a few years ago after exploring the swinging lifestyle and not really finding the type of adventure/excitement we thought we'd find. After much debate and a tremendous amount of role play, we both discussed this particular lifestyle, and as a surprise to the both of us, it was something that excited us immensely-though we really didn't know if it was fantasy, curiosity or something we actually wanted to explore.. Needless to say, it took us a incredible amount of time to get past late night discussions, role playing and joining a site... I guess for the most part, we both were afraid to hurt the other, and really didn't want to do anything that could potentially jeopardize our family. We are proud parents first and foremost;however, as time went on, I believe it was something that the both of us really fantasized about quite often. As time progressed, our fantasies escalated and after much debate we decided to post an ad on a adult site to see what type of response we would receive.
Just the wait was incredibly exciting for the two of us, and a very short time later, I personally was pretty flabbergasted at the amount of interest I received.... I have always been somewhat shy, and prior to meeting my husband, I had almost no experience at all. Growing up, I found myself physically attracted to black men;however, it wasn't something you really discussed with anyone...

After receiving a considerable amount of interest, it honestly took us nearly three weeks to respond to anyone- I guess out of fear, embarrassment and just the overall unfamiliar situation..... Needless to say, when we got the nerve to finally respond to a gentlemen, I really only thought it would be something to add excitement to our lives via internet. I never really thought it would actually progress to anything more....But I was really mistaken and I guess it was something we both wanted to explore much more than I anticipated.....

Well, I'm delighted I stumbled upon this site, and thought it was a good idea that I introduce us to the community.