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Cuck sub slave

For BBC Bulls: would you allow cuckold to clean you:

  • No

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  • Yes, to lick my asshole

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  • Yes, to clean my dick and to lick my asshole

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  • Yes, I will use you only as my toilet paper, to clean my asshole after shitting

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  • Yes, I will use you to clean whatever I want

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Gold Member
Hi, wanabe cuckold here.

I am so intrigued and aroused in same time, about this interracial site and interracial relationships. If you look to any black guy profile, there is a dozens white women followers. On white ladies profiles, a hundreds of black guys are following. I would look into that attraction, white lady - black guy as natural selection, where most beautiful human creatures (white women) are choosing most potent males (black men). White guy like me (ok, cuck), but still a man, who adores women, is completely out of question for sex with white ladies, at least with the best ones, who are gone black permanently (soon or later, all white ladies will go this way). Looking to this natural phenomena, I am completely amazed how I do not feel any jealousy or anger... I am feeling ready to help this natural process...