couple with hotwife hungry for bbc will be visiting dallas tx fort worth

couple with hotwife hungry for bbc will be visiting dallas tx fort worth
We enjoy going out and finding BBC to play with. We are looking for places to go and hang
Out at that we might find some naughty times for her. We are staying in the fort worth area.
We will be there for over a week so looking to have some fun.
Any ideas on where to go let us know!
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u sure look so very sexy even with only this tinnie minnie pic, please post more of ur pics xxxx
wbfbm19... first thanks for keeping my post current. Oh and keep on dreaming about hooking your wife up. Maybe one day she will take a bbc and see the light and move on. For someone that is only dreaming about bbc and never accomplished this with his wife, you sure talk a lot of smack on the boards on how everyone should act. But Im sure you know the saying, opinions are like assholes everyone has one.... and in your case your just an asshole with an opinion.
My point was a simple one...decide what gender you are when you post. So far, you've switched twice.

My bet is its still a guy posting. The reaction is more like a pissed off guy than a woman.
With all the fakes on here, when someone is constantly changing their profile info it really makes them look suspicious! What people really don't get is that all everyone really wants is honesty! It is really not that hard!:)
Exactly and what I've noticed is that it is very often, if not always, the fakes that seem to get upset and fire back with venom and desperate remarks. The few that are real have a more composed response and typically get verified.


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Hello, thank you for your post. . We are flying into Dallas on Friday and staying in the fo. rt Worth area. Let us know if there are any bars or clubs that we can go to and check out.
Hey angel go to this swingers club you can find urban night here because i use to live in dallas texas....the hell with fort worth thou that place is dirty,go to downtown dallas its the shit there and also check out the sites baby....kisses=)