Couple saying Hi (Under Supervision)


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Southern bbc cuckold couple saying hello. Pics of my lovely girlfriend, S
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Great photos, however this thread is in violation of #'s 10 & 17 and since you have great images to contribute to our many pictorial and thematic threads and have not, then this thread is in violation. "Lover of Lace" "Sexy Wear" "Insert BBD Here" among other thread are great "introductory" threads for your girlfriend and you two will receive more exposure without violating our community's Rules. Please review the Site's Forum Rules and make the required contributions throughout our community before creating new threads and enjoy your visit! Thanks for your cooperation!
Thanks. We didn't sign back in here before our account was locked due to the violation. Once we were in and saw this, I only saw your one thread. I wasn't able to determine how we violated the site rules due to the limited amount of information shown on the violation page.
Anyways, we are back so hopefully we won't screw up again