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hmm. a picture is worth a thousand words. that sums it all up; the difference on so many levels between the strong black man and the insecure shriveled white man. I've actually dated white guys that small! Hell in my whole life only maybe 2 could claim to be true 7 inches. I've just recently been turned onto black cock by friends, but every black lover has been huge. Smallest was probably a little over 8 but thick. and really theyre better for so many other reasons too. Haha I'm alot happier with my life since the switch.
well I am actualy confused Im black too but Im only 4 inches when its hard .and Im bi I have seen some big white and indians too.so I dont agree with all that tbh cos Im black and thats my personal dick picture .there must be some big black guys out there but Im the small and Im not laying about that tbh only had few girls :oops: