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  1. Stimoroll

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    Hello im a athletic young black male. Love interracial, fun, dating and going out.
    Wish to contact me for more? send me a message or email me
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  2. ugly98

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    where you from? and are all your pants... that constricting?
  3. Stimoroll

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    Im from Amsterdam, Netherlands.
    And you?

    Well sometimes i let him out to play ;)
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  4. MWC4BLK

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    My wife would do you where ever she seen you in them pants. She is always pointing out hung black guys to me in public, says she can't help it and has to look....she's such a SLUT!
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  5. Stimoroll

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    mmm i love wifes like yours.. she deserves a big black chocolate treat ;)
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