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Good evening Mr Chicagoblackm36:

I am a 62/w/m married to a 36/blk/fem and saw your profile on the "WhiteToBlack.Net" website.

We live in the Chicago area.

I am the first white man that wife has been involved with. She says that I am a good lover and that I do satisfy her, but that I am the smallest that she has ever been with and that she misses being fucked by a black man. She says that she misses the bigger and thicker black clock, the different positions, the longer and harder fucking, the rough sex.

She did cuckold me with a black man almost two years ago and would like to have a lack lover again soon.

She is somewhat dominant of me.though not at all times or in all aspects of our lives.

Would you like to chat? It seems that chatting is somewhat difficult with this website. I do have America online e- mail account at "mwmblkwife4bm13 at America online dot com" and a yahoo e-mail.account and yahoo messenger at "sburn131313a@yahoo.com". We do have a web camera for our desktop computer and laptop computer.

please review and advise.

I look forward to hearing back from you and possibly beginning to interact which will hopefully lead to meeting in person at some point in the near future.