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Cam or chat

I'm a white guy and I was chatting with a supposed woman from here and I asked if she could tun on her cam and she said she didn't have one. I said how about voice and the she quit the chat. Pretty sure sign of a fake. That is all I've really found here so far. Too bad. Hope you find a real one.

Mariposa blanca

Real Person
Gold Member
Well, speaking for myself, I am 100% woman, and have talked to one guy from here on the phone, and also skyped with him. I have met 2 local guys in person, at a coffeeshop to start. Not always available when the guy is, tho, so timing can be tricky.

As far as I'm concerned, I have no issues at least letting the guy see my face on skype or hear my voice on the phone, because I have nothing to hide as far as my gender is concerned. I am who I say I am and will prove it, no problem.