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bored fallen angel

beautiful blond hot wife. need more than hubby can provide. he watches only. after we get to know each other, i'll make him stay home and bring him pictures, video and make him clean up my cream pie. love to suck cock. good looking classy black men with huge cocks are what i'm looking for. i want to be fucked 6 days a week, 10 times a night. toys, glass dildos, anal play, and a little pain never hurt anyone! "LOL" groups welcome. 3 or more guy's for regular meetings.bbc makes me squirt. always in heels and stockings.cpl's welcome. also a bi female who would like to join with me, to be my partner in crime, during gang bangs, and parties. introduce me to your friends, and take me to swing clubs and house parties. have yet to find my true limits. you can help me . i tried to be good, but...help turn me back into the slut i truely am! you WON'T be sorry!