BBC Paradise ? Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Virgin Island or PR


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I had a lot of good interracial sex experiences in the Caribbean and I guess one of the best was when my boyfriend Jamal carried me to St. Johns with his TV News Project Team. There were 7 of us and I was kinda left to myself during the day and since Jamal had rented a huge villa for all of us to stay in while we were there I did lots of Island exploring. The second day there I was walking into town to look around when a long blue Cadillac convertible pulled up beside me and the very black man driving offered me a ride. I accepted his offer and quickly found out he carried tourists from the docks into town or around the countryside when the ship would dock. His name was Smitty which when he said it with his accent it didn't sound like that at all. We spent the day together and really enjoyed each others company.

When we got back to the villa Jamal and the crew were loading up the van he had rented and he came out to the old Caddy and told me to get my stuff, that we were leaving. He said they had a emergency back in DFW and we would be back next week to finish up here. Then he said we are going to the airport so when you get your stuff together then come on down. So Smitty and I got my stuff loaded in his car and made our way to the airport. When we got there I could see Jamal was upset, so I asked what was going on and he said there are only 6 seats available and there are 7 of us. Smitty was standing there with some of my stuff listening to Jamal. He said to Jamal hey Mon she can stay with me until you get back. Jamal looked at me and said that's the best offer I have heard so far. I was pretty nervous but knew that was what I would do if it was what Jamal wanted. Anyway it wasn't long before Smitty and I were watching the plane take off leaving me standing there about to spend a week living with a black guy I had just met.

Turned out Smitty lived on another island close by that had to ride a ferry to. He had a old Chevy convertible on the island where he lived so we drove into a small town and parked behind an old building. He told me that him and a roommate lived on the top floor of the 2 story building. When we got up the stairs to his loft as he called it there were a couple of guys sitting in there drinking. Smitty introduced me to his roommate Jacks and the other guy was Smitty's cousin Lanny. He told them what happened and they all felt sorry that I didn't get too leave but they promised to keep me entertained. Jacks was a chef at one of the resorts and he worked nights. Lanny did the same thing Smitty did except on a different island, St. Thomas I think.

Anyway I spent the next week fucking the 3 of them and eating great food that Jacks cooked up. I had all the black cock one women needed and when Jamal got back I was nearly worn out but he loved hearing all about my adventure. A few months later I took 2 of my sisters back to St. Johns and found Smitty. Then we all went back to
Smitty's island where the 3 of us spent a week fucking all 3 of the guys and having a great vacation.