BBC needed tonight or tomorrow night- Reno/Tahoe/Sacramento

My wife doesn't play often, but when she does she wants hung, aggressive men to fuck her.
She is ready this weekend. She told me to get a hotel room for Saturday night, and some big cock for her.
Also possible that we could host tonight.

She isn't super-experienced, but her experience has been super. She's fucked a handful of guys since we started playing. A few have become regulars.
She is usually a bit shy, sub, and reserved. She doesn't go out on the hunt for cock, but she is a good girl- she always does what she's told.
She likes aggressive,dom guys who know what they want, don't need directions, and will tell her what to do.
When it comes time to fuck, she wants to get it hard. She isn't looking for a prom date. Did I mention she likes to be told what to do, and fucked aggressively?

I enjoy watching, but also love it when she plays solo and her dates send me pics or tell me what a hot slut she is.

If you're interested, be:
Fit, clean and disease free: she may be fucking your big cock, but she doesn't want to see a big belly
Hung: At least 8", ideally more
Aggressive, dom
Able to hold a conversation, and/or be a gentleman in public
Cool with being watched, photographed by me, or sending me pics if I'm not there.
Condoms for fucking, but you are welcome to cum all over her. She loves cum.

This is for this weekend only.
Looking forward to seeing her take it! Contact us if you're interested.

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I am starting to wonder if these ads are fake. Because here I sit with Reno on my page(along with a couple other dudes), and not a single message. It's not hard to find us if you are real and serious. Lol
Hey picollo,
I'll send you a private message as well, but I've found that this site isn't great for connecting, as most people are far away. Craigslist seems to get us a ton of replies, but lots of flakes, for sure. Other swinger sites that allow us to fine tune our location seem to be the best mix of real people and people close by.

We get 100's of replies when we post an ad. Literally over a hundred responses. There's only one of her, so that means that 99 guys don't get picked. At least not right away. A few times we've connected with someone a few weeks later, who we thought would be a good fit, but couldn't connect originally.

I guess the bottom line is we aren't fake...we may not connect, but that doesn't mean we aren't real.

I'll send you a private message as well
Hey, No reason to eat any crow. Thanks for the followup, though. Looking forward to the time you and my wife do connect. I think it would be very, very hot. WE should set up a first meet sometime, then she is comfortable playing solo. I love it when she plays while i"m out of town for work, which happens regularly.
I only ask to get updates..what you're planning to do, pics on my phone, etc.

Stay in touch, for sure!