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BBC looking for a white woman in Houston... here's why

Sometimes as a 29 yr old single black man I think about what I want for my future. I've reached so many goals in my life but I understand now that in order for it all to have real meaning, those experiences need to be shared with someone significant. I want that someone to be a white woman. I know exactly what I want, not to say that if I met someone close I wouldn't take her. I want an Eastern European (she can be American with Eastern Euro roots, German, Russian, Czech. etc.) woman, fit and into living a healthy lifestyle, intelligent, secure with herself and loving with a seriously freaky side as I am a proud swinger and a devilish Dom in the bed room. Someone I can share life's experiences with and wants to share hers with me. Someone who is independent yet knows that as a man I need to feel needed and like I have a purpose.

I guess you can say that I want a real woman. A sexual and sensual woman. A white woman that would reciprocate the love I'd give to her and our family. I write this here because I can, because this is what I need in my life and what I choose to want in my life.