Asian wife searching for a bbc


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During 2012, you posted several photos of your wife to a decent sized member audience who asked for more, you retreated.

There are numerous threads which feature Asian women and other themed threads in which postings of your sexy Asian wife would have made perfect contributions to the respective thread. Since the Site established new rules on November 7, 2012, the images of your wife in the community would have been in conformance with the Site's Rules.

Since the new rules are established every thread you have created after November 7, 2012, and without a contribution to and existing thread is in violation of the Site's Forum Rules.

Please read the Site's Forum Rules BEFORE making another image post or creating a new thread.

All other threads that you've created must now be deleted. And if you wish to continue to post images of your wife please consider posting them within one or many of the searchable threads with our community!

Thank you for your cooperation,