any other pics of this girl?

With all due respect, the face is hidden so how in the hell is anyone supposed to be able to tell how she looks? And find other pics of her?

Come on man!
Half hidden? You're kidding me, right?

There could be literally thousand's of girls this could look like, if not more. I'm still actually think that someone would recognize her from this pic and on a site with a user group that is so extremely small compared to the broader population?

Posting it for that purpose makes no sense. With so many posts just like this along with so many fakers, I have to assume it's posted for a different purpose.
I can see that I should have been more are either an idiot, a fag, or both...I'll let you pick.

And you are welcome to continue to pretend you have a clue.
oh yes im an idiot i have never saved lives before in my life and as far as being a "fag" i have cuddled with other men to stay warm you probably would never understand this as apparently you still bitch about your coffee being to hot and have never been truly cold oh BTW your welcome for the right to bitch about this
counselors wow i am impressed you can spell that fancy word i have been there and the meds they put me on didn't work out so well (makes me want to shoot all of you in ever watch somebody die? it is a pretty thing i miss it greatly
You are welcome to keep assuming that no one has gone through times like you have and that you think you know anything about me.

In conclusion, I rest my case.