Aggressive Bi Black Bull for couple...Watch me.....

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    Aggressive Bisexual Black Bull for cuckold couple with a 10″ penis that I know how to use very well. After you fluff me (in private & alone if you are shy) you will enjoy watching me totally dominate and fill your wife’s mouth, pussy & ass.

    She doesn't know you want this? Fine.....You will assist me in her seduction. I've done this many times with even the most "loyal" wives giving in.....

    Either a one time thing or regular thing is cool. I am 6'6" and hung in proportion so know that up front. I am aggressive with a high sex drive, EXTREMELY VIRILE and very attractive.
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    WOULD love to meet you and your 10inches stud yes i will fluff your big superior bull stud cock and ballsack!!! where you located we are in portland oregon
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    Hey. Maybe you can persuade my wife too