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Adult friend finder



I have had a couple legit meets on there couple years back but have';t been on in years, I heard it has went down in quality, I would steer clear. On the bright side though it helped me find the BMFC :)
We have been on AFF for a over 3 years. It has it's ups and downs, but for the most part, we have stayed as paying customers. We've met some very nice, sexy Black men from there...
Was on there years ago, but cannot speak to it now. Had mixed success, allot of crap to weed through, but managed to find a couple good hookups and have some fun. Again this was a few years ago.
I was a paying member up until a few years back but no longer .....lot's of flakes and fakes
I highly agree biggest scam in the world!! i was a member of AFF in '08 i met about 16 real women in my area the other 100 zillion we're fakes and camgirls *yawn* i prefer sites like these and xhamster on the real.
The ABSOLUTE worst site to become a member of!!

I have NEVER received so much spam mail, until after I "joined" their site under their "Absolutely Free" banner of free membership.

Further, having a "Free Membership" allows one to do and accomplish absolutely nothing. You're unable to look at full profiles, you're unable to communicate with other members, you're unable to write other members, you're unable to read communications from others.

A TOTAL waste of time!!

lyndon eaton

Gold Member
AFF has the largest members of any adult dating site in the world. it has its ups and downs. however, I have used it many times to help locate black guys for ladies in different cities with great success. I don't always stay as a paying member, but I like to use it when I need it. I don't know another site with as many possible contacts. No site is perfect, but so far it seems to be the best site to use to find black men, couples, or single females., etc.


Gold Member
AFF is decent but I find it fairly laborious to use. They have a lot of safety walls in place (which is good) but finding a local is sometimes difficult. It is fantastic for travel though!