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A lot of white girls look like they need BBC

I've gotten many more requests than I expected for private fakes. A lot of you have the same questions "What do you need?" And even more often: "How long do fakes take?"

It really depends on "how ready" the images are. The more angles/perspectives & higher the res (larger image size). The faster I can make them.

For near immediate results, find an interracial photo/video that really turns you on. One that you really wish you could watch your wife/fiance/gf/co-worker in.

Next time you're intimate, grab/hide a camera and pose or send a video of you two in the same position. Blowjob perspectives are easy too. Imagine how much you'll get off knowing that you're only taking her in "that" way because you're just trying to copy a fit, young, BBC bull that was doing it bigger, harder, and better than your best to some hot young white woman.

You'll play understudy to the black stud you picked for your wife. The entire time knowing you're gonna be "photoshopped out."

Finally you'll get to see what it looks like for her to succumb to her dark desires. And for you to
be replaced the moment black dick is stamped over yours. Literally taking you out of the picture.

The more you set it up. The hotter/more exciting it will be.

Also, if you're not going to send nude photos of her. Send another link/image of a naked model with a similar body type. (Nipples, weight, age, pubes/vagina, and skin tone.)

If you're going to show her the photos, and if you video her reaction (no edits. You can cover her face, but no cuts in the video.) Then you get next place.

Also, I do tributes. Only for female requests though. So she'd/you'd have to send me her reaction to the fakes. Or if you want to skip waiting for fakes. Then proof (holding a sign, looking at IR porn for the camera, etc.) that she's aware & asking for this to happen.

Cum shots on live web chats only. Unless a mutual "reverse" tribute - pussy play/poppin to my pics/vids are sent first.

But first and foremost. The whiter, and less satisfied she looks photographed next to your SWP. I would probably feel a need to black her right away. Regardless of all the above.

Otherwise all fakes are first come, first served.

I only do private fakes now. Anything you want to make public/post is up to you. I won't jeapordize anyone's reputation, or privacy that isn't consenting to being faked.

*If you're seeking video fakes. PM me so we can find the right shots/quality/black guys/scenes.

I look forward to blacking a lot of wives, fiances, and girlfriends. I've been responsible for converting white girls into "obsessed" (driven is a better word.) First-timers, long time users, and curious BBC lovers. Personally, and through fantasy.
You're both (mostly her) are in the right hands.
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