A great 'hello' from Europe (Austria) to the community!

I have read posts on this forum on and off for a while now as a guest. And although I am not very pleased with most of the statements made, still I have a little hope there is a chance to meet someone of interest. But let me tell you about my situation first...

I have a close friend, in fact she is a former girlfriend of mine, in her mid-thirties now who I have a lot of contact with lately. Both of us don't want to reunite but we are only experiencing the more pleasureful side of life. We were having some playful sexual fun lately and would also like to make new experiences as well.

Sometimes 'I make her' wear a skirt with no panties on; or we are having sex in places with the risk of 'being caught' by a stranger;... We are also suggesting things like inviting someone to join us or 'swinging'. Keep in mind, she and I play together!

I am very much interested in introducing an educated black man (no thug-type) to her for having a good time. Although she has a naturally high sex drive and can be a bit kinky at times, she does not want to be seen as a 'slut' or something like that or even worse or be treated unrespectfully. This is crucial, so please, always respect this! Sympathy is the key. This is not an offer to fuck for free! but a revocable invitation and an opportunity to have some great enjoyable time.

The ideal beginning of a meeting would be in a public place or at an event like a concert for instance: I introduce you to her, the three of us are having casual conversation, drinking some wine or coffe. If you like her, you do a bit of flirting with her, and we let it move from there. Please, don't be too pushy. If she doesn't show interest in you even after some time, then at least we'd have a nice evening.

If you are interested then contact me via PM on this site (= start a conversation). Tell me something about yourself. Also include your location and age. Good German language skills are a plus - but not a must; English is okay as well. I am not interested in the size of your genitals but you should be able to perform at least like a usual healthy man under the age of 90. ;-) I am not interested in homosexual activities, so if that's what you are into then, please, don't wast your own time by contacting me. We're both clean and healthy and want to keep it that way and expect the same from you.

I am looking forward to serious replies only.