a french retired couple

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  1. bicibel

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    we are living in south of france, in a nice little town on the sea side, not really far
    from a main town.
    my wife had discovered sex pleasure with young men from french west india, and
    she had now a black lover who had a nice big black cock, and spend all saturday
    afternoon with her in our bed room.
    By this time, I go to town to buy all we need for the week.
    We are an happy couple.
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    BIGBLKMAN Member

    This sounds good to me. A nice mature French couple that have found their BBC man.
  3. henri.123

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    Félicitation , Monsieur, pour votre retraite dans le midi. Nous sommes dans le midi également. J'espère que votre épouse et vous même êtes en forme ( et son ami antillais aussi ...). Fréquentez-vous des plages naturistes ? Je serai intéressé par votre réponse .