A Fantasy

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  1. CuckoldCouple

    CuckoldCouple Well-Known Member Gold Member

    I have this little fantasy that involves my wife .....

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  2. MWC4BLK

    MWC4BLK Well-Known Member

    That's exactly what my wife wanted when she went black, one in her mouth and the other fucking her!
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  3. Jack Smith

    Jack Smith Active Member

    The fantasy pales in comparison to the real thing. We started with threesomes but have now discovered private interracial parties. If she's agreeable ... find one, sign up for it ... and go! These parties carry no obligation but trust me, once you're there it'll happen if you let it.

    It's also relatively safe compared to meeting individuals who you don't know and whom haven't been screened. You have to be a bit careful at a party too but at least there are plenty of other people there. Your white wife will be the center of attention! LOL
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  4. wanabecucked

    wanabecucked Well-Known Member

    I will have to try & take my wife to a party.
  5. jxu004

    jxu004 New Member

    Damn...I cannot tell you how badly I want to see my wife in that EXACT situation. I dream of that. She talks about it, jokes about it, I just want her to be presented with that PERFECT opportunity to do it...