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  1. Atlanta horny

    Atlanta horny

    Horny in the ATL this weekend
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    Bay area
  3. 6ft3andhung

    Young BBC new to Atlanta, where should I find a FWB?

    I've been searching and it seems like all the people I speak to are couples. I'm looking for a steady fuckbuddy, same age up to much older. Sex on retainer would be a great situation. Any ideas of where I should look for this? I'm new to the area. Look at my media if you're interested though...
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    When I was in LA
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    Good night kisses
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    Whip out
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    Can u make me keep going ?
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    Peek a boo
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    My dick hungry for some pussy
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    Mirror dick
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    Young long black cock
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    Who can I beat my young dick to next ?
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    Young bbc
  14. D Wallace

    Attractive 24 yr old BBC in Atlanta, Georgia looking for White Women

    Hey, I'd love to meet up with whoever is in atlanta. I'm 24 years old and never had sex with an older white woman than me before but it has always been my fantasy. I am open to 18 - 45ish lol. I really just want to have a fun and exciting sex life. Please let me know if you're interested in...
  15. New Pic

    New Pic

  16. Duboss

    Hey bbc here looking

    I’ll be in New Jersey, in a few months. Not far from Philly or NYC or New Jersey. Just curious if there are any ladies or couples near the areas looking.
  17. QueenInanna

    Searching for BBC in Heidelberg

    We (F 22 bi, M 25 straight) are searching for a young dominant BBC in Heidelberg to join me and my boyfriend (he might join, he might not, but if you are uncomfortable with MMFs, you're not needed). Requirements: at max 33 years old (under 30 preferred), at least 19 cm in length and reasonably...
  18. T

    20 year old bbc in Dallas

    Looking for some fun and someone to play with
  19. Bull On Vacation

    Bull On Vacation

  20. Young Stud

    Young Stud