1. L

    Question for nurses how often do you see a big cock at work

    Hi nurses, I have an aunt that’s a nurses and she says that cocks always look good no matter the age. She says old cocks still look just as good as younger dicks. That got me curious. How often do you see a big cock at work? What did you do when you found one? Please leave thoughts, stories...
  2. Still at it 1.jpg

    Still at it 1.jpg

  3. Gettin real risky.mp4

    Gettin real risky.mp4

  4. Sneaking in some more fun on the job.jpg

    Sneaking in some more fun on the job.jpg

  5. Work boobs

    Work boobs

    Wife sending tit pics while she's supposed to be working
  6. Mtnmandingo


    NEED an attractive, reliable, and detail-oriented Black Man with a nice BBC to handle your house cleaning needs in the NUDE? Look no further, because I’m here to make your home shine. I do it in the Nude and I do it well. I also include client servicing brakes if so desired. MESSAGE ME for full...
  7. my work colleague's wife

    my work colleague's wife

    Sorry bro but she want my dick
  8. Bored at work

    Bored at work

    Another day at work
  9. Coworker caught me stroking

    Coworker caught me stroking

    So I put it inside at work
  10. Work fun

    Work fun

    What would you do if you were at work, turned around and saw me stroking my bbc? Are you calling HR or you helping?
  11. LatinBrownBull

    Cuckolding At The Office . By Pig , Yiff Comic

  12. D2EDE92E-49BF-4D64-BD95-53985B18815E.jpeg


    Quick work selfie
  13. 17740C49-0E27-46DC-BFD3-22B4B64803FB.jpeg


    At work
  14. IMG_3804.JPG


  15. sokolfaca

    No panties at work!!! 😍

    Hey ladies, I want to see you without panties at work. Show your bulls how naughty you are :devilish::blackheart::blackheart::blackheart::devilish:
  16. 8B8CA41C-9C32-40AA-8E96-447DA69015E2.jpeg


    I was “hard at work”. 😉
  17. C44BE69D-C99F-473E-A41D-10778CC0EAE6.jpeg


    I was “hard at work”. 😉
  18. A7272388-8D39-4908-888F-A54C4C74114A.jpeg


    I was “hard at work”. 😉
  19. SemperDominus

    Used at work…

    You were working back late. Only a handful of people left in the building. I decide to watch you for a while. You are professional in every way. Perfect conduct. Straight back as you sat on the chair typing. Posture of complete control. We had innocently flirted over time, you dropping hints of...
  20. charly72

    job search for italian hot Milf

    almost 50 years old engineer with a great desire, I am looking for a very gifted black man I offer myself for: cleaning woman Secretary cook stable boy in a riding stable or a farm, I can drive tractors ... but I'd like to take care of stallions I only accept payments in kind, I...