1. O

    The new bbc slut and my tiny gf

    Hello everyone ☺️ My name is jasmine and I am 23 years old and my boyfriend's name is Roy and he is 30 years old. We have been dating for 2 years and I love him very much but I have really missed a huge cock and Roy only has 5.5 inches. It all started last week when Roy accidentally saw a...
  2. NachoBull

    Argentinian Bull in Europe

    I'm a young man from Argentina at the age of 28 years and pretty well stocked with 20x5cm! I am living in south Germany so I can easily travel to Switzerland, France and Austria. But from time to time I travel in Europe. This weekend I would be in Budapest, and next week in Belgrade. Looking...
  3. NachoBull

    Jung Bull in Freiburg /Young Bull in Freiburg

    Ich bin ein Junger Mann aus Argentinien im Alter von 28 Jahren und recht gut bestückt mit 20x5cm! Suche hier ein Reifes Ehepaar oder eine einzelne Sie, welches sich von mir Fremdschwängern lassen möchte. Bin Vielspritzer und sehr Potent! Bitte nur ernstgemeinte Anfragen
  4. curiousMartin

    My cock is like black dick

    hi im Martin 22 im white but i mean my cock is big i have big stamina in sex , i dont understand why black cocks are better?