1. white pussy lips

    white pussy lips

  2. S

    Hott BBC Phone Call

    On a drive yesterday I called the chatline bored looking to kill some time. I made a greeting looking to chat about wives, and girlfriends. I was soon contacted by and spoke with a hot sounding 30yr old black guy, he had a hot sounding deep voice. We made some normal small talk then I proceed...
  3. Pussy with a tail

    Pussy with a tail

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  4. 20181118_042925.jpg


    This pussy had some cum left in it, not often I get to do that.
  5. Bride for blacks 5.jpg

    Bride for blacks 5.jpg

    This is my bridal lingerie, I wear it a second time.... this time for black men.
  6. Darkjohnson

    White Sugar ????

    Where are all the ivory Sugar Mamas ? All the beautiful older women who dream of a young black stud to fuck them into a haze ? Share your stories. I've got one. So I used to work out at Xsport 2 years ago, a lot bigger than I am now, and I see this white woman with long dark wavy hair in a...
  7. C

    Any BBC wana fuck us?

    We may be looking for a new bull anyone interested?
  8. Fingering.jpg


    We love to play with IR porn... Wife having fun.
  9. C

    Seducing my brother-in-law

    It was Friday night and my sister was having a party we arrived around 7:30 and it was already going strong several people i could tell already had a few to many and the driking games were never ending later on i had ran out of drinks and cigars and had too much to drive and my husband was n the...
  10. HoodGentleman

    Does How You Dress Determine the kind of white woman you get?

    I’m from the streets, but I’m smart and educated both formally and informal but I noticed when I dress like a good dude (jeans, hoodies, SnapBack hats, my bigger chains, Nikes) women that I like are surprised to hear me speak intelligently or even won’t speak to me hardly at all. When I wear...
  11. Przechwytywan       ie.PNG

    Przechwytywan ie.PNG

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  12. Like it?

    Like it?

  13. braless or not?

    braless or not?

  14. my holes

    my holes

    Does it make you hard?
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  16. 20180922_031412.jpg


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  19. Hello :)

    Hello :)

  20. Keep lookin, babe

    Keep lookin, babe