1. Wife


    My pawg wife let us know what you think of her.
  2. Mirror pic

    Mirror pic

    My pawg wife
  3. M

    Novice hot wife in AZ looking

    Check out my profile for details but I've got a FWB submissive hot wife I'm friends with. I'm helping in her search for a legit BBC daddy type who either lives in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area or travels here on a regular basis. She's married, kids, nice wife next door type, mature at 50, but...
  4. VID_20180717_120126312_HDR.mp4


    Love the wives videos !
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  6. 4CB445AA-BE09-4115-905B-A422D5D3A085.jpeg


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  8. No tan lines

    No tan lines

    Before we went to beach the other day.
  9. Tan lines.

    Tan lines.

    After we got back. I have always loved tan lines
  10. Simo0on

    My Updated Stories & Dates with White (Girls / MILFS / Wives / or Singles)

    Gonna miss this place @Barcelona with my Friend Franka (Single)
  11. Ready to be fucked

    Ready to be fucked

  12. O

    Reparations in South Africa

    We are currently having public hearings regarding land reparations, here in South Africa. My opinion... I'm sure most African men would agree that White people could stay on our land, as long as they take up their rightful places in the home: The men as cuckboi slaves and the women as our sexy...
  13. when ur white boss is defeated by ur Indian gf

    when ur white boss is defeated by ur Indian gf

  14. WhiteEuroBoi

    Ladies, Does My Penis Look Worthless or Does it Have SOME Hope?

    I'm a white boi with a small 5'9" penis fully erect. I respect women and I know their pussies are absolutely, extremely sacred and deserve only GOOD penises inside of them. I know black bulls are superior to white men and always will be (since so many of them are 8-12" inches and deliver...
  15. Just normal, white cock... I meant towel rack

    Just normal, white cock... I meant towel rack

  16. Sunday mood

    Sunday mood

  17. Get a taste

    Get a taste

    Spreading that white pussy
  18. BCcouple

    First cuckold experience - share your opinion.

    We are Russian couple from Moscow. I love my husband, but we both agree that last time our sexual life is getting boring, so we want to try something new. I shared him my sexual fantasy regarding black man and he isn't against to let me do this. Please share your opinion from your personal...
  19. Oh those jeans

    Oh those jeans

    That camel toe though.....
  20. Soft cock

    Soft cock

    Edited photo of my soft hanging cock needing a white women to drain it