1. CuckyBoyCasey88

    Is it really faith vs BBC cuckolding?

    To all the Christians and devout believers in other Faiths do you see a conflict between the morality and ethics of your faith opposed to your interest the "lifestyle" Or for example a couple who hold to strong religious convictions who feels that they are sinning or doing something wrong by...
  2. Screenshot_20171225-214009.png


    Just the tip, I love putting the tip of my dick in my wife's ass when she sleeps
  3. Playing hide the sausage

    Playing hide the sausage

    She’s losing the game :(
  4. BA105F80-5EBD-480F-A0F8-CC1FA9DD58CD.png


    Going in
  5. DAACAAB1-408F-42DE-A21F-688234F015F3.png


    About to enter
  6. Thick wife to end 2017

    Thick wife to end 2017

    Had a fun time with her
  7. SWM4bbcslut

    Interracial BBC XXXmas card ideas, memes

  8. Married whore tag teamed by two BBC

    Married whore tag teamed by two BBC

  9. Naughty Nicole

    White woman and there biggest black dildos

    White woman show the black men those big black dildos you love
  10. Naughty Nicole

    White women go deep for BBC with those dildos

    Ladies show hubbys how much those BBC mean to ya by taking those black dildos
  11. Naughty Nicole

    Black dildos white woman legs up go deep

    White woman lets show the white men on here how much you love BBC get those BBC dildos out go deep with legs up!!
  12. C

    Denied it from ten years old

    I will accept now, after nearly 20 years of watering in my mouth in the presence of a black confident youth - 60 I naturally have always gone instantly weak, never accepted, my earliest memory of being bullied was by a black girl, maybe from then I subconsciously accepted, I love the fear and...
  13. Needsmheadnow

    Hey Ladies lets see those sexy Halloween costumes

    Please Share .
  14. Robert Crest

    White Masturbation

    To all my fellow white males, I'm curious, How big are you and how many fingers does it take to jerk off? (since I know you can't use your full hand haha) I, personally, am 4.8" and use 3 fingers
  15. W

    white man from Austria, Europe; new to this site ;-)

    Hello, i am a single and STD-free mostly heterosexual white male person in my early fourties, but many people say i am looking younger. Currently i am residing in Graz, Austria. i strongly believe that most Black Men are better lovers as compared to most of the other male persons, including...
  16. Bamlover

    Metisse black and white french bull

    What did you think ?
  17. Bamlover

    Bbc recherche couple ou femme seule pour relation

    recherche sur Paris et proches banlieue
  18. Giving Kitty a pounding

    Giving Kitty a pounding

  19. White Tits

    White Tits

    For blacks mouths
  20. LoneWulf317

    A Lone Wulf Seekin White P*ssy Prey (Indpls,IN)

    Indianapolis, IN resident 37 years old, Single, No Kids...I'm a loner for the most part that spends most of my time working behind a computer...and it is boring quick. I'm Blackc & Puerto Rican Mix originally from New York but moved to Indy years ago. I'm look for some excitement in this one...