1. Dressed to breed

    Dressed to breed

    We have decided to have a black baby. Message and follow us ! We can’t wait for you all to be on this journey with us.
  2. W

    My 18 yr old gf

  3. thumbnail_20191003_2225251..jpg


    Just got fucked
  4. DF8BFA8B-8385-41C6-9F3D-A42ACBE5926A.jpeg


    Bored in my hotel room in Hoboken NJ, hard to get yourself full erected. I’m conditioned to a woman touch.
  5. photo 4.JPG

    photo 4.JPG

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  7. 9B3434C4-AE87-4289-ACA9-63E40C124C15.jpeg


    Dark - BBC
  8. Cdubb213

    Arkansas pussy at?

    Where the Arkansas Pussy at? They said The Natural State was weak!!!! Show ya self!!! #WPS
  9. Sexy BBW Bubble Ass

    Sexy BBW Bubble Ass

  10. Slimblksea

    Where are all the real Hotwives ?

    Seattle Toronto Vancouver BC & California area ? Real women living the hotwife lifestyle? I want to sleep with someones wife!!!
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    Still searching for someone to be my first.
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    Old but good. Only uploading a few more files them I’m done promise lol
  13. Wntwifey2tryBBC

    Verified Verify us!

    Was wondering if stays can be changed to "Couple" if not no big deal.
  14. HotWifeAmanda


  15. Got my nut

    Got my nut

    Busted a load on my swinger friend’s ass
  16. Panties pulled aside for BBC

    Panties pulled aside for BBC

    My wife pulled her panties aside to show off her tight white pussy for BBC
  17. Ashley1983

    Looking in Houston

    Looking in Houston for 8/23 or 8/24 in the evening time.
  18. HotWifeAmanda


  19. L

    Young petite wife in Amsterdam

    we are a young couple in Amsterdam..mr craving for a young attractive bull for his little cute, unaware wife..miss is a petite blonde in her late 20s even if she looks much younger..she has very pale skin and slim tiny body..she enjoys entertaining the idea of her being taken by another man...