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  1. Sucking Black Dick in sister guest bedroom

    Sucking Black Dick in sister guest bedroom

    Fiancée wanted to slime me down in my sister guest room while they was home
  2. Fiancé taking bbc from the back

    Fiancé taking bbc from the back

    Newly fiancé taking my bbc from the back hanging off the bed.
  3. Dsoul


    Any of you lovely ladies ever been involved in ass-rimming before?
  4. Happening now....

    Happening now....

    I like how this year is starting!
  5. Robert Crest

    Are Blacks truly bigger?

    In term of penis size, I always assumed so based on personal interactions and pictures. In my mind and how it appears is that black men have the biggest penises on average and black woman have the biggest thighs, butt, breasts, white people are in the middle and asian people are the opposite...
  6. Robert Crest

    How we evolve..

    These are just thoughts. I've been thinking about this all day at work and thought I'd post it here to hear from others. I think in terms of sexual "thickness" of women (skinny waist, big hips, big butt) black woman seem to have it more than most white woman, I think most could agree, however...
  7. Needsmheadnow

    Very New To This Site

    I will start off by saying that I am new the NWA Arkansas area. I was born and raised in Inglewood Ca, and where I was from white women were very far and few. I really never had a desire to be with a white woman growing up, all that change when I moved to Arkansas in 2016 not only am I attracted...
  8. D

    Cleveland BBC

    Looking for some beautiful white women to have some fun with. I'm a black, professional male. Discretion is a must. Promise you won't be disappointed. Message me at nine three seven 3 one 5 one 1 zero 6. Let me know your name and where you found my number ;)
  9. Marquis Westly

    Bull Of Spades in PA new to the community.

    Just looking for friends in the Area
  10. A white woman likes black cum

    A white woman likes black cum

    And like a good girl she swallowed.
  11. A chubby mature woman knows how to suck a BBC

    A chubby mature woman knows how to suck a BBC

    Too bad there is no cum shot.
  12. BBCINNYC2020

    BBC seeks WHITE FEMALES IN NYC for on going fucking

    BBC seeks WHITE FEMALES IN NYC for on going fucking
  13. BBCINNYC2020


  14. Ukcuckwanabe


    hi guys where's best place to take my wife on a surprise holiday getaway ? Jamaica Barbados Caribbean somewhere Or Africa ? I've been working on my wife to take bbc for a while now but recently she's been showing a lot of interest I think she's becoming hooked just needs a shove to take it to...
  15. bethmwf4blackmen

    New MWF

    Thank you for this site! This has shown me that even though I am no barbie doll that I can be desirable to other men and enjoy them. I am 38 happily married to Bill 48 for 15 yrs. We have two kids. I have been attracted to black men since I was a teen, but have yet so far to act on this. I...
  16. D

    Photos with erotica excerpts

    Hello kinky people. I'm an erotica writer and I love looking at dirty photos, like everyone else here. I've been playing around with adding lines from my books to photos. I kinda like the results but I'm just getting started. Check them out and let me know if you have any photos you'd like...
  17. fackton

    moroccan boy

    hi there i ama new member in this space. i want meet mature or young women to have sex . my location in morocco.
  18. drunkinl0ve

    Hellloo :) 22fca

    I'm 22, going to be 23 in October. I crave black cock on the daily. I instantly get wet when thinking about it. I'm looking for FWB and gangbangs. Long blonde hair w big blue eyes. Triple D boobs :)