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  1. CuckyBoyCasey88

    BBCcuckCrazy’s 1st rant: society, culture, and how big black cuckolding can make us great again!

    A first blog post a little disorganized but if you can follow my rant I would love to hear feedback plus someone in other posted asked to post more on my thoughts I labelled this rant one. Try me I will have more than one rant but I assure in my rants it’s mostly what I’m thinking about or...
  2. CuckyBoyCasey88

    Are there single white women interested a Cuckold and what distinct things you look for in a cuck?

    seriously though looking for my BBC obsessed soulmate and Goddess Queen so what does qualities and traits in a cuck do you like or look for a pic for kicks
  3. StPeteBlkman

    St. Petersburg, Fl. Alpha Blkman Here!

    Born, raised and possibly may die in my home town of beautiful St. Petersburg, Fl., with the best beaches and sunsets you have ever seen in the world! I am 54 yrs of age, Professional business owner, Alpha male with chilvery old school manners. I love a good kisser and long foreplay! If in the...
  4. S

    Black Daddy In London

    Are you a lover of big uncut black bull? If so, you know what to do. Come say hi
  5. S

    Black Daddy

    Any white couple for black daddy in U.K. Preferably London or surroundings
  6. W

    Question for white men: Do your friends and family know that you like interracial porn?

    Hey, i'm a white man that likes to watch interracial porn specifically black men fucking white women. To see a white woman getting fucked by a black man makes my cock very hard. Many white people are against interracial dating and porn, so i prefer to watch interracial porn in secret. None of my...