2. Y

    Young bbc virgin,who wants to change that ?

    New to this site
  3. C

    Is it weird to be a virgin with a cuckold fetish?

    So I'm a virgin, but I love watching BBC and interracial porn. Never had a girlfriend or done anything with a girl, and I've never seen a woman nude in real life, at most its seeing them in a bikini on the beach. I've got zero experience in anything to do with women that isn't friendship...
  4. S

    My GF keeps me a virgin, says my dick Is to cute to fuck

  5. V

    21 I want to lose my virginity (czech republic, southern poland, austria)

    hello I will be in czechia area during february and want to lose my virginity to a kind and polite woman. I never had any sexual intimacy before so i want my first time to be special. If you are older than 18, your age doesnt matter to me. If you have any questions i can answer with no problem...
  6. Mrmrsfun

    How old were you when you met your current partner & How long have you been together.

    How old were you when you met your current partner & how long have you been together. Were you virgins? Please choose 1 answer in each category. If you want feel free to comment at what stage in your relationship did you get into the lifestyle.
  7. This blondes first black dick, so you know I had to creampie her

    This blondes first black dick, so you know I had to creampie her

  8. IMG_5666.MOV


    Some super hot video! First one is the first moments her tight little married pussy stretches on a massive 11” very thick. BBC. @68Shaknyc!!!
  9. V

    SoCal Virgin Cuck 4 QoS or Couple

  10. BBCElsa97

    Passionate Swedish 24 yr old boy

    Hi! I'm a very passionate whiteboy from Sweden and I've been addicted to IR/BBC Porn since the age of 16. I've taken a vow of celibacy as I'm still a virgin & am happy to never lose it in favor of Interracial Porn / the Movement. I am extremely pro BNWO and consider black people superior in so...
  11. A

    I’m a virgin to a bbc

    Looking to chat whit black guys and see what it leads to🙏🏳️‍🌈
  12. S

    19 year old bbc in SF looking to lose virginity (serious inquiries)

  13. B

    Lafayette La

  14. Zeritul

    Censored for Betas

    I've started developing a thing for censored beta porn, so i thought i'd start a thread
  15. S

    Looking for a hotwife to take my virginity

    HI, I am new to this forum. I am 23. Looking for a mature hot wife to take my virginity. Its my fantasy to be with an experience women. I am in New York. If you are interested let me know. I am 6'3 and average build. Will share more pics if requested. I am open to your ideas and fantasy.
  16. S

    [Tokyo, JP] Looking for my first BBC experience

    European expat in Tokyo, bi looking for his first BBC. I'm 1.75 cm (5'9…I think…?) and about 75kg. With women I'm very active, but with the few (2 experience, and just oral–which I love a lot especially swallow) men I've been I'm very very passive and submissive. Lately I've been addicted to...
  17. DBECDC0C-03B7-4B93-A5EC-4FF03F57DB85.jpeg


    Virgin cock
  18. Nyfaett

    A Virgin Cuckold's Goal

  19. T

    White virgin male looking to cuck wife in el paso/las cruces area

    I am writing this in the hopes of not only fulfilling my fantasy. But yours as well hopefully. I am a white 6 foot 240-250 ibs 18 year old white virgin male looking to not hopefully learn but to please women as well. I can try to be as gentle or a rough as you like it. But please forgive me for...
  20. T

    Hello there

    My name is Josh 18 years old virgin. While and I know a lot of you may not understand. I have chosen to not pursue relationships as they can cause in my eyes uneeded stress and anxiety. While I don't think they're bad. Not even in the slightest I choose to remain single to better myself and my...