1. Lonskee123

    Do sex toys even exist?

    Do people still use sex toys like vibrators and dildos ?
  2. She loves her wand

    She loves her wand

    The other night since she has me locked up in my chastity cage she put the wand on my cage and her clit on the middle of my cage and came on the cage that way with no direct contact from the vibrator We have a pole on here pussy free one year cage no orgasm 6 months our Chastity diaries on that post
  3. Training for BBC

    Training for BBC

    "I think we're going to need a bigger boat."
  4. My Ass & Pussy Toys

    My Ass & Pussy Toys

    Sex toys help me keep my pussy always hot and ready
  5. Bound and Determined

    Bound and Determined

    Horny bitch got her tits tied and is getting herself off since hubby can't satisfy her. Where's the Black Bulls when you need them?
  6. Road Trip

    Road Trip

    Passing the time on a weekend road trip
  7. SeduceMyGirlKzoo

    Ladies: Favorite Toy?

    I want to get my wife a new vibe for X-Mas. I don't want to get a King Kong dong and scare the hell out of her before I can even get her into the lifestyle, so BBC dildos likely won't happen. In the past she's preferred the standard (stick) vibrators. I was leaning toward rabbit or one of...
  8. B and J

    Irish and love sex and am single...

    Ever just want to play with no strings or ropes attached except the type you enjoy? If your female you have a good start to meet me but hope your from northern California. All women who want to just chat get in touch. We can exchange fetishes in some lusty conversation that will get me looking...