1. Another perv getting their fix of BBC. Miami , FL

    Another perv getting their fix of BBC. Miami , FL

    If your a bull in south FL you may know her lol already . The video is so hot. who wants to see more.. thanks folks..
  2. B

    Verified Benblacksteel is Real!

    Returned to the lifestyle and this site, so its time to re-verify so all you Hotwives know whats up!
  3. Lala699

    Verified Plz verify:)

    Plz verify :lips:
  4. Roxy Royce

    Verified Roxy Royce MILF- Verification

    Ok, time to get legitimate and be "Verified" so I can fulfill one of my 2016 New Year resolutions. The photos were taken this morning at home by my husband and I'm hoping to be one of your more popular ladies before too long. These photos are confidential since they are for B2W administrators...
  5. Rashaad

    So do couples and females ignore because you aren't verified or because they aren't real?

    I am just curious on how couples or females determine who they want to link up it a Gold membership thing or a verification thing? Anybody can answer I don't really care I am just curious on the benefits of Gold membership....and how to get verified if that is what I need to link up...