1. Jadeofspades

    Verified Verify us😘

    We’re a real hotwife cuck/swinger couple. 😘
  2. TheChill49

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    I would like to get verified as a real person
  3. P

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    Finally joining a legit adult forum. Verify me.
  4. S

    Verified Please verify me :-)

    See attached Video and pics
  5. Thegreenguyatx

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    Posting here for my verification!

    Verified Verify Me please B2W

    Verify me Please !!! Thank you B2W ?
  7. D

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    Hey there b2w! Please verify us
  8. Wifeneedsit

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    We are ready!!
  9. B

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    Sorry I didn’t add my bbc in these, check my pics or pm
  10. Freereign

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    Thank you! ?
  11. submission52

    Cuckold Verification Poll

    For those of us on this site who have no way of verifying our authenticity, and who want to be taken seriously, I have been thinking that this site should have a verification process for cuckolds/cuckold-wannabes. Or really, any single men who are not black, because even black cuckolds can be...
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    Verified For the love of all that is bbc- verify me

    Pls verify me! I’m a real broad!! ❤️
  14. RhodyMass BBC

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    RhodyMass BBC
  15. Verification


    The real deal hollyfield
  16. LiKlCoupl

    Verified Please Verify it says three photos....
  17. Verification pic (3)

    Verification pic (3)