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    Please vote for your favorite Qos Hotwife 💋 Vegas QoS Hotwife
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    @castlespades for all your QOS gear. 💋
  3. NowPlaying

    My dream Is to have sex with a white woman

    I’m 24 years old and always horny! I can travel anywhere. Hopefully one day, I can meet a beautiful white women and make her cum. I’m from NJ would love to please you! If any woman or couple is interested I’m always open:)
  4. 24play with The Vegasblackmales..

    24play with The Vegasblackmales..

    Incredible night with 24play!!!Check out, My Vegas Adventures for The White Dress she had on.
  5. BbcricD

    COMING TO VEGAS? Tired of flakes??

    If you are in Vegas or are headed to Vegas sooner than later then contact me I am NEVER A FLAKE, great stamina, love pleasuring hotwives however they prefer it.. Don’t be shy to message me !
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    BBC bout to go down Latina mani throat
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    More fun in vegas
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    Someone got me a little too excited last night 😈
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    Pull me in close while I push this dick deep! 😏
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    Hot Passionate sex! Is that too much to ask for??
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    It was Tight as Fuck and took a lot of lube but i was finally able to squeeze this dick in her ass 😏
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    Happy Friday! I was definitely happy with her on this dick 😏
  14. dalipps

    Will be in Vegas nest week

    Does anyone know fun Vegas clubs, we can explore, will be with girlfriends , but don't want it so obvious
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    This is why my holes are BBC only. Follow my new Twitter @Hotwifeofohiolv
  16. When Hotwive's come 2 Vegas..

    When Hotwive's come 2 Vegas..

    Just recently met AppleValleyQoS!!!When they came to Vegas to meet me.She was very Shy and Sexy.Hence, the cropped pic.Incredible experience, her Head game was Intense!!!
  17. **Get your Dp in Vegas**

    **Get your Dp in Vegas**

    Husband brought Wife to Vegas to meet, The Vegasblackmales...
  18. Vegas bday doggie

    Vegas bday doggie

    Showing off
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  20. Thecreature

    Casual spots in vegas

    Where are some good casual spots in or near the strip to find/show off my lady for bbc